Woman’s Sewing Co-op Morocco

We are starting a woman’s sewing co-op ‘Amira’ to help single mothers, widows and women from poor families to provide an income and better their own lives.

Many women in Morocco don’t know how to read or write and if they wanted to work in any profession or job even as basic as cleaning they get paid less then a man does. In cases of single mothers or widows this money wouldn’t suffice a life at all.

This campaign is to raise the funds to start the Co-Op

We need to pay for:
*1 Year rent for a garage with electricity: £2400
(paying a year rent means we pay less and don’t pay a deposit)

*3 X sewing machines £1200

*Fabric X 10 £860
(buying 10 rolls means we will get 10 Moroccan Dirham discount per meter)

Any any excess sewing supplies such as pins, scissors, chairs and sewing tables etc.

The women working in the co-op will be making womens and young girls hijabs, jilbabs, jalaba, abaya etc these items will then be sold to shops and the profits will go to the women who made them.

InshaAllah we would like to be able to send them internationally to increase the wages of the women working but that will come in time.

This process is a way we can provide jobs for women who would otherwise be begging on the streets.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me

Jazak Allah khair



    • I’m in the process of setting it up but I have to wait for approval since I reside in Morocco but I’m not Moroccan. Anyone international can send via western union or go fund me

      • To be fair, many men have no work and then many women get employed to do the work because its cheaper and more hands on deck. This causes men who provide for their parents, wife and kids etc to have no work and women are spending their money on things that arent necessity. If it was an equal playing feild then atleast the better of the two for the job will be chosen.

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