Victim Of Abuse- Please Read


I received a disturbing call from a sister who was beaten by her husband. He, unfortunately was drinking alcohol and became enraged at his wife. Her Husband has since been arrested but his wife has been left with 2 broken teeth and 3 teeth have been knocked out all together.

I wont go into detail about what he did to her but she has received medical treatment for cuts to her body and a cast to her hand. She needs to receive further treatment on her neck and have some scans done.

Our sister is a practicing sister who was trying to get divorced from her husband but doesn’t have any income of her own and her parents are old.

Now she is left alone with her 5 children and she is pregnant.

Anyone who can donate to the sisters situation to help with her medical expenses please do so and make dua for our sister to attain peace and security.

The sister asked to remain anonymous as she feels deeply ashamed because of her situation, unfortunately she isn’t the only one who faces this type of abuse but its the worst I have come across in 5 years.

The sister owes 1000 Dirham in medical debt (

She needs another 900 Dirham for scans and next treatment for her arm and cuts.

The sister hasn’t yet seen a dentist but I made some calls, we can get her in emergency care which will cost 7350 Dirham ( about £600) ( Alhamdulillah the dentist was a woman and gave me a discounted price to restore the sisters teeth and fix whatever else may need fixing.) or in regular care when there is an appointment for 5300 Dirham ( about £ 430)

Because of her teeth being broken and knocked out the sister is drinking soup as she cant eat Subhan Allah 


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