Maroc Aid Winter Appeal

Maroc Aid is raising funds for those in need in Morocco this winter. We would like to get a head start in raising money so that we can help before the cold sets in and ease the affairs of the locals.Many people aren’t aware of the severe cold that sets in when it snows, not just for those in the Atlas Mountains but for those also surrounding them in the flat plains that is dry dessert during the summer.Due to the lack of housing insulation and poor construction of buildings many homes literally breathe cold air through the walls day and night. Homes suffer mold and damp issues and even some homes give way to the constant rains and leak or even collapse leaving its residents helpless to the extremities.

Our goal is to try raise enough money to be able to purchase blankets and warm clothes ( we will accept clothes donations of good quality) so that we can distribute them before the cold sets in. We would also like to have emergency funds to restore homes and pay for hospital costs.

Often times the young and elderly become ill with pneumonia or bronchitis and suffer greatly as their families cant afford the journey and cost of a Dr or hospital visit and medication. This results in worsening of symptoms, secondary illness and in some unfortunate cases even death.


There is a huge misconception that Morocco is a ‘cheap’ country being that it is a 3rd world country but little is actually known or understood how expensive and difficult life is for the general people not just the poor.

I ask Allah to open your hearts and increase you in all that is good, may He allow us to help as many people this winter and ease their suffering ameen


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