Dar al Atfal Maroc Aid Winter Appeal.

Maroc Aid is raising funds for those in need in Morocco this winter. We would like to get a head start in raising money so that we can help before the cold sets in and ease the affairs of the locals.Many people aren’t aware of the severe cold that sets in when it snows, not just for those in the Atlas Mountains but for those also surrounding them in the flat plains that is dry dessert during the summer.Due to the lack of housing insulation and poor construction of buildings many homes literally breathe cold air through the walls day and night. Homes suffer mold and damp issues and even some homes give way to the constant rains and leak or even collapse leaving its residents helpless to the extremities.

Our goal is to try raise enough money to be able to purchase blankets and warm clothes ( we will accept clothes donations of good quality) so that we can distribute them before the cold sets in. We would also like to have emergency funds to restore homes and pay for hospital costs.

Often times the young and elderly become ill with pneumonia or bronchitis and suffer greatly as their families cant afford the journey and cost of a Dr or hospital visit and medication. This results in worsening of symptoms, secondary illness and in some unfortunate cases even death.


Water Well Dour Talat Nsouss Morocco

Dour Talat Nsouss (Morocco) is suffering from drinking infected well water, their water has become infected with cholera and has been making the people who live there very sick. They walk 2 hours to collect drinking water then return for a 2 hour walk home.
We are trying to raise enough money to supply a solution as there is a few ways we can help.
We can make a new well or purchase land to make water catchment and filtration

We would like to provide a long term solution inshaAllah and not just a quick fix

Both options involve digging and workmanship which cost 400 MAD a meter ( roughly £40) and we need to dig or excavate about 200 to 250m depending on either plan.
Our goal is to raise as much money toward the long term goal but if we cant make it then to do what we can to help immediately and keep the end goal in our sights inshaAllah
We wont be able to do anything without the supplication and help from the international community
Sa’d ibn Ubadah reported: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, my mother has died. Shall I give charity on her behalf?” The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Yes.” I said, “Which charity is best?” The Prophet said, “A drink of water.”

Source: Sunan al-Nasā’ī 3664


Abdul Rahman Family Home Repairs

I received a visit from an amazing sister who is actually my teacher of Quran, she is heavily pregnant ( 36 weeks) has 2 sons and her husband teaches children Quran in the masjid.

The sister continued to tell me her home is falling apart, the wall has a huge crack which is entering into the toilet from the corridor of the home. She told me it has become so bad now that when it rains it is leaking and the sound of it cracking is continuous.
We are trying to get some men to come in and fix the wall and roof but the job isn’t as simple as fixing a wall as it is the outside wall of their home, roof and internal structural wall. The sister wears niqqab and fears her home will fall down on their heads and at worst the people outside will see her without her niqqab on.
Their home is an old mud house that has had few repairs over the years and now is in need of a serious fixing before it actually collapses and leaves the sister and her children in a very bad state.
Although this sister is my teacher and close friend she is an amazing person and would do anything for anyone, she helps other sisters with quran too. Her husband doesn’t have any regular work but does small jobs he can find to make money for food, they don’t have to pay rent as the house is theirs alhamdulillah but they still cant afford to pay the repairs needed.
We got a quote to fix the wall and roof area which is about £500 but the brothers said they wont know exactly until they get into the structure and see how deep the damage is and it could be alot more then that.

We need to put some money down to pay the men to come out and start the work when the weather is good for a few days and start the repairs. If it will cost more we can start raising more inshaAllah at that time to cover the excess.
May Allah ease the affairs of our sister and make things easy for them and anyone who helps them Ameen
Barrak Allahu feekum



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