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Feed A Family

Each £150 will support 1 family for 1 month
Each family consists of both parents or single mothers with children 2 or more
Each family is severely poor and struggles to pay basic things like gas, water, electric, rent, food etc

2 of these families have medical expenses that go beyond the £150 per month expenses.


The cost of living in Morocco is so expensive most people live below the poverty line. Many charities make claims to feed a whole family ( lets say parents and a kid) for £20 for a whole month. I asked the Moroccans on my Facebook how much just food would cost for a month for a basic family ( 2 parents and 1 child) the average was between 300 to 600 dirham a week for ONLY FOOD.


Average cost of living in Morocco

*The average wage in Morocco is about 2500 to 4000 dirham a month ( £200-400)( city and village varies but villages are much less)

*Rent of a 2 bedroom flat in a city is 1300 dirham pm (£ 130)

*Water and electricity 80 to 120 dirham pm

If someone becomes sick a Dr visit for a GP is 50 to 100 dirham plus the expense of medicine are paid seperately. (£10 Dr visit)

Food for the month based upon 2 adults and 1 child is between 300 to 600 dirham (£50+)


Cost of living in Morocco


Please contact me with any questions

Thank you

The reward of the good doers is with God

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